At the midnight watch service to bring in the 2011 New Year, I, Alesia, decided to surrender and actually seek God.  Actually I decided to obey God's call. Prior to that I was saved, attended church every Sunday, sat in my "spot" and "felt" the Holy Spirit during service.

At that time, I would would shirt ideas based on the sermon. The problem was that once I crossed the threshold from the church to the world I felt empty. That night I decided to obey and took action to seek God and walk in faith. I read the BIBLE for the first time! L.I.B.E.R.A.T.I.N.G!! I can speak with authority."I" know what God said. His Spirit is in me. Romans 8:11

Started a T-shirt Ministry named Precious Dew, (Duet. 33:13, NIV) Created t-shirts for the women's ministry. Keep notes on my own shirt ideas.

In 2012, my brother and I were having a conversation  From that conversation, he said Spirit Driven,  I said that's it. To be Spirit Driven is the lifestyle I was/am striving to live.  To be led by the Holy Spirit, to live on purpose, to be driven by his Word. 

The business changed from Precious Dew to SPIRITDRIVEN. SPIRITDRIVEN was the perfect name with the perfect initiials to create a classic brand.  I was creating t-shirts but was looking for clothing that could be worn to fit my lifestyle on the outside, casual, athletic and BOLD on occasiion.

Classic clothing was a compliment to the t-shirt companies that were on the market.  Using pieces of my experience as a golf clothing buyer and God's grace it's coming together.We are so excited about out growth in the Spirit that we wanted to create a community to share and inspire each other in truth and with the truth. 

We are a faith based family who strive to live on purpose. We are so excited about our growth in the Spirit and humbled my our journey.  SPIRITDRIVEN a community to share and inspire each other in truth and with the truth.

To inspire each other to take the step or continue taking steps towards the dream, vision, ministry that God has put in our hearts. Some days are good...some days... we need to be encouraged...


This makes us chuckle because it speaks the truth.

We hope to interact and hear for you. It's the community that helps us grow and SHINE.

Shine your light...It's In You.