SPIRITDRIVEN®...a spiritual journey of liberation, connecting and believing in the power source that’s in us. It’s more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle empowered from within. 

We are a family who is driven to live on purpose and believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We are so excited about our growth in the Spirit and humbled by our journey. 

Our Mission is to offer quality apparel that connects with the will to live an empowered lifestyle. We hope to inspire you to shine in whatever position you have been given. Knowing that it’s derived from Who drives you from inside…It’s In You.™                                                                                              


 The Sunday Cycle

HAVE YOU FELT THIS WAY? On New Year’s Eve of 2010, I, Alesia, decided to surrender, stop the “Sunday Cycle” and seek God. You know the “Sunday cycle” of sitting in the church pew “my spot” every Sunday, clapping, singing and “filled” with the Holy Spirit. Yet losing that “feeling” once I crossed the threshold of the church door and stepped into the outside world. In church, I felt empowered, invincible, connected to something greater than myself. However once I crossed that threshold...I felt disconnected, that I wasn’t living up to the great stories of faith and guilty about having little faith.


FELL OFF THE WAGON EVERY TIME! LOL.  So, I committed to reading the BIBLE for the first time, from Genesis to Revelations. Prior to reading, I relied on the Sunday sermon to “teach” me about God. I had tried those daily schedules and fell off the wagon EVERY time! LOL This time, I committed to reading everyday, as little or as much as I wanted or was inspired to read. That worked for me.


ONLY NEED A MUSTARD SEED. I discovered that God had jokes, that I only needed a mustard seed of faith, nobody was/is perfect, except for Jesus and even he was faced with challenges. I was L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E.D. and grounded. The result: I can speak with authority. I know what God said and His Spirit and His power is in me, It’s In YouTM ALWAYS. We just need to stay connected and access it through faith.


SPIRIT DRIVEN. Spirit Driven is the lifestyle I was/am striving to live. To be led by the Spirit, to live on purpose, to be informed by his Word.



SPIRITDRIVEN® Apparel is men’s and women’s clothing empowered from within...you. Our logo connects with what drives you in a variety of your lifestyle activities with three collections, Active, Bold, Leisure. (See The Collection)


LIFE. Life is a journey that’s not always warm and fuzzy. But, we have the power within us to endure, learn, grow and inspire others, It’s In You.™



SPIRITDRIVEN® tithes 10%